Download Hammer VPN AntiDPI VPN 41 – 20 Apr 2016 (9Mb)

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What’s DPI?

Deep packet inspection (DPI) is an innovative system of packet filtering.  Using DPI makes it feasible to discover, identify, categorize, block or rename programs with specific information or code payloads that traditional packet filtering, which assesses just packet headers can’t detect. It means you’re using protected channel; nevertheless any celebration can discover your visitors and will know what will be the software you’re using and your internet behaviour, voiding your solitude.

How HammerVPN assists?

Detect or find any thought about your visitors ; hence provides you supreme privacy security and full blown net speed.Hammer

VPN Characteristics

Boost your Internet speed

> Supply you supreme online privacy protection that other VPNs don’t supply.

conserve bandwidth by compressing info.

VPN Protocol Choice and Port choice available making it a strong VPN proxy application.

No rate limit.

Protect your apparatus by simply acting as a digital Firewall.

No ROOT needed (Except ICMP VPN )

Really Simple to use VPN.

Mask your own IP address and individuality with VPN server IP.

Daily Free supreme privacy security onto your 100 MB Data.

VPN Server places in over 15 nations.

All Servers have been set up in just 1 Gbps network.

A straightforward and simple to use VPN to your tablet and phone.

No registration needed.

This Program Requires a Couple of permissions:

Access Present Site.

Get External Storage.

Access Network.

Access Telephone Condition.

Please utilize Hammer VPN just for Defeating DPI .

For standard situations please utilize TroidVPN. 1. 2. ROOT necessary for utilizing ICMP protocol.

Hammer VPN AntiDPI VPN 41 APK

File name:–41.apk

File size:9.64 MB (10107607 Bytes)



Uploaded on:2016-04-20 22:39:31

[apk] Hammer VPN AntiDPI VPN 41 – 20 Apr 2016 (9Mb)

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